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Dare to stand out !

Written By: Barrisol Canada - Dec• 11•15

Metallic finishYou want to step out of the crowd with a different design ? Barrisol® stretch ceiling systems are the perfect solution. The craziest 3D forms are easily achievable and the only limit will be your imagination.

Feel free to contact one of our dealers in order to present your concept. Printing, 3D shapes, LED lighting, you will find what works for you in the wide range of Barrisol® products.

Show your colors!

Written By: Barrisol Canada - Nov• 20•15

Murale Artolis

Looking for an original and durable way to display your company logo on your walls? Think Artolis® by Barrisol®. This new wall covering system is the perfect solution to enhance your brand image. It is possible to create a printed seamless mural with a width up to 5 meters and a length of 50 meters. Acoustic, durable, and offers the possibility to backlight it, the only limit will be your imagination.

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Create an urban look in the suburbs?

Written By: Barrisol Canada - Nov• 13•15

Artolis New York muralsIt is possible to combine the confort of the suburb and urban look of a loft of major cities with Barrisol® stretch ceilings and Artolis® wall covering systems. The famous designer Paul Lafrance proved it in one his episode’s of the popular show Custom built aired on HGTV. By using two backlit murals of New York in addition of concrete and lacquered bulkheads the effect fools everyone.

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How to choose a ceiling?

Written By: Barrisol Canada - Nov• 06•15

Lacquered ceiling

Need an acoustic solution for your home or business ?

Join thousands of people as well as architects and designers.

Go for the Barrisol® stretch ceiliing system.


A + certification (Emissions into indoor air)

10 years warranty .

Wide network of installers

The light and layout of the decor

Written By: Barrisol Canada - Jul• 30•15


The decor of a room with Barrisol® translucent finish membranes allows to adapt the lighting to the environment. The light diffusion is equal and continues in curves and light vaults. The stretch ceiling allows to develop new forms in the architecture that is already in place.

Barrisol® is the number one choice of designers and architects for the quality of its products and its service.

How to choose a reception hall?

Written By: Barrisol Canada - Jul• 23•15


Several factors influence your selection when booking a room and it is important not to neglect any detail for a successful reception.

The fame of good reception rooms is based on several factors one of which is audible. It is important that the sound quality is at its best for a perfect evening. The Barrisol® stretch ceiling dresses the ceilings to perfection and provides this quality of sound.

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