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Fiber Optics and sky ceilings

A soft ambience or a starlit sky; that is the effect produced with the installation of fiber optics into the stretch ceiling. Possibilities are endless, limited only by the imagination of our experts. Why not a sky with constellations? Fiber optic system is perfect for indoor pools; recessed or with fibers visible, it will be enhanced your Barrisol stretch ceiling. […]

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Aseptic stretch ceilings in Hospitals

BARRISOL Stretch Ceiling system is frequently specified in operating rooms, hospitals, dental offices, laboratories and even into food industry buildings. Specific stretch ceilings for cleanroom, called Bioproof, are available in different finishes (n/a in brushed suede). To meet strict environmental health  criterias, they can be sterilized and are washable. When the risk of contamination must be minimized to the maximum, the membrane can be treated antifungal and antimicrobial, making it compliant. […]

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A quick tune-up with stretched ceilings

  (Photo #1 = BEFORE) This living room improvement was done with the simple addition of decorative beams and lacquered stretched ceilings, installed in between. What a nice idea to bring more light into the room. (Photo #2 = AFTER) The installation was done quickly by the agreed BARRISOL dealer.   This material (Glossy Black) […]

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Light boxes with LED lighting and Stretch ceilings

Barrisol offers light boxes with LED lighting. These can be installed at the back of a the translucent stretch ceiling and will provide a homogeneous diffusion of the light into the frame, made of aluminum. Customization of the ceiling, with printing, offers a lot of options; either as advertising or signage. Different models are available: scealed, hinged panel to access lighting, double-layers, with printing, various shapes, different finishes, etc.. Colours changing with LED can […]

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