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Strech Ceiling over imagination

The Barrisol products give the opportunity to the architects and designers to fulfill their imagination with impressive and remarkable projects. The printed stretch ceiling reproduces perfectly a sea surface of a seabed and the visitors are impressed by the place. The lighting of the translucent stretch ceiling is very important for this project, it is […]

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Stretch Ceiling for office design

Why choose the stretch ceiling? Essor Insurance has chosen Barrisol stretch ceilings because they are aware of the quality and durability of our product. In this open space office, the application of the white matte finished stretch ceiling installed in alternating waves, give a spectacular visual effect and the employees appreciate the acoustic properties that […]

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Illuminated Ceilings for LE PREBEN Restaurant

Owners of Le Preben desired a new look for their restaurant.  On the menu, exceptional lit ceilings. We used the advantages of the Barrisol stretch ceilings for the creation of the forms and the translucent characteristics of the material.   An animated lighting decorates the ambiance of this good table. Find your Barrisol distributor.

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