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How to give a new look to your bathroom

You want to know how to visually expand the space in a small bathroom? Here is the solution. Decorators recommend Barrisol stretched ceilings and more specifically the lacquered finish because it enhances the ambience and visually multiply’s the space. This highly popular stretched ceiling finish amplifies the brightness of the room and improves the decor. […]

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Perfect design! Perfect ceiling!

As always, we must say, design is very important even essential. In order to create an atmosphere that offers beauty and improves the visiting quality of the customers at the Calgary Holt Renfrew Store (a surface of 151.000 sq. ft.), the designers chose Barrisol stretched ceilings for the aesthetic, functional and technical properties. Barrisol translucent […]

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How to accentuate the light in a room?

This conference room was designed to allow a maximum of light which visually expands the space. The clarity is accentuated by a stretch ceiling in a white lacquer finish. This space inspires calm and reflection. The choice of materials for renovation is very important. Barrisol Acoustics ® is a characteristic to not neglect that improves […]

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Design with ceilings

A waved ceiling for the seafood section! The white and blue laquered colors mingle and evoke the ocean. Designers are pleased to use the Barrisol® stretched ceiling with all it’s possibilities to create beautiful decors in all circumstances. Need decoration ideas? Consult the photos/videos/360 of our website to see all kinds of nice achievements. You […]

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