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21st International Congress on Acoustics

Barrisol® will participate at the 21st International Congress on Acoustics ICA that will take place at the Palais de Congrès in Montreal from june 2nd to june 7th 2013. The Acoustics line of Barrisol® stretch ceiling has four different types of nano-holes and provides outstanding acoustics. The sound is absorbed and the reverberation nuisances are […]

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International Interior design

For the week of the Montreal International Interior Design Show (SIDIM), we would like to thank all the Canadian designers working with Barrisol® stretch ceiling systems.  This year, we have made great projects according to the great imagination of the designers, their creativity and their artistic ideas.  The new concept of tile cladding is also […]

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How to create a beautiful atmosphere?

What’s more enjoyable than a properly fitted lighting? The elevator lobby of this building clearly shows the balance in the choice of the arrangement of materials. While the walls are dark in color, the pale flooring and luminous stretched ceiling clarifies the access hall.  The translucent Barrisol stretched ceiling provides a natural light. It is […]

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An urban chic effect

The new concept of tile cladding brought a brand new look to this hair salon. This ecological and economic process has revamped the existing acoustic tiles to offer an urban chic effect that blends perfectly with the new decor. Regardless the desired effect, this concept is available in the 230 colors and the 14 finish […]

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Designer training!

Recently, a group of students enrolled in InteriorDesign have received a technical training from Mr. Mario Maheux concerning Barrisol® stretch ceiling systems.  This presentation revealed many features of the stretch ceiling in addition to allowing the students to visualize all the possible applications of Barrisol ® (lighting, acoustics, coating, insulation, decoration, 3D shapes, etc..). Participants have shown […]

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