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A column transformation

A good way to hide a structural column is to dress it with a Barrisol® stretch membrane and by choosing a translucent finish it’s possible to incorporate some  lighting. Whether it is with fluorescent tubes for a constant light or with LED  lighting to create different effects the result is spectacular in every decor

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A successful congress

A week ago, Barrisol® Canada presented at the International Congress on Acoustics (ICA) the new membrane Nanoperf A15 which is added to the Acoustics® range of stretch ceilings. During the show, an acoustic box fabricated to allow was the acoustician’s visitors to hear the difference.  Available in a width of 214 cm, this new membrane […]

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Radiant light ceiling

This achievement perfectly reflects the benefits of Barrisol® translucent stretch ceiling. Thanks to the translucent finish and to the installation of an appropriate lighting, the visitors go towards the light source which gives the impression of a huge atrium according to this truer than life light. The translucent finish is available in 9 varieties and […]

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The works of a Canadian artist

  Barrisol® encourage Canadian artists. The works of Mr. Francis O’Shaughnessy were presented in an exhibition last month. Printing on stretch ceiling membrane offers a multitude of possibilities and enhances the presentation of the product. The membrane can be installed on frames, on walls or on ceilings. The art of stretch ceiling!

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