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Swimming pools, paddling pools and spas!

What’s better to refresh yourself and take an opportunity to relax than a pool? For the indoor pools, all the elements of the building are important which is why architects recommend Barrisol. In addition to embellish the place, it improves the acoustic and the membrane resist to moisture so it’s the ideal product. This project […]

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Which restaurant to choose?

You have the choice! The owner of this restaurant chooses to create a variable ambiance while maintaining important criteria in the selection of materials. He opted for the Barrisol® stretch ceiling system for its durability, ease of maintenance, acoustics performance, safety and the beauty of the “Equinox” finish that combines translucence and reflection of the […]

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Card game in a Casino

The Barrisol products are all designed to embellish the ceiling of the casino. The designer has opted for huge playing cards printed stretch ceiling to create a gaming room theme. The acoustic of the place is also improved and the layout of the frames allows access to the different parts of the ceiling. (Ventilation, sprinklers, lighting, […]

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Thematic of the decor

A one of a kind ceiling! The wall and ceiling blend perfectly here due to the layout and the continuity of their forms. This decor creates an illusion of either 3D or a set of lights and shapes. The Barrisol® stretched ceiling system offers a great flexibility and many possibilities which allows creation and innovation […]

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