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The ceiling of the kitchen

This showroom shows a perfectly arranged kitchen. The white lacquered finish of the stretched ceiling amplifies the clarity and enhances the beauty of this piece. The harmonious arrangement of white is timeless.  The Barrisol stretched ceiling system fits all styles. Designers appreciate it for its wide range of products composed of 230 colors and 14 […]

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Back to school

The Zones are delimited by a stretched ceiling used to guide students and visitors to the main sections of the book stores. These visuals directions have many advantages including the identification of areas by different bright colors. The look of the ceiling will always remain impeccable and the maintenance is quick and easy. Its light […]

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A combination of tradition and innovation

In order to make this room unique the architects opted for Barrisol stretch ceiling. The centerpiece is made from printed translucent membrane. It is backlit with a LED system that allows the light adjustment of the room very easily. To add a touch of sparkle to the room, alcoves surround the light ceiling. The lacquered […]

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A unique auditorium

This unique design is composed of thirteen ribbons starting at the back of the auditorium and up to the public. The architects prioritized the Barrisol stretch ceiling system because of its versatility, durability and acoustic performance. In order to achieve this major project, 130 custom made modular frames were necessary. The translucent finish was preferred […]

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What’s new at the museum?

In order to honor the Polish astronomer, his hometown has opened the doors of a museum dedicated to his work. What better way to add to the beauty of this room than a printed stretch ceiling. The Barrisol translucent finish allows to backlight this picture inspired by a chart. With a library of about a […]

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