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The renovation of churches

The walls of the Monastery’s chapel in Lennoxville are made out of stretch ceiling which adds a cozy atmosphere and an impeccable suede finish. Barrisol ® marries the shape of walls and curved ceilings, which allows keeping the initial architecture. This is a fast, economical and sustainable way for renovation of these historical buildings.   […]

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New mirror for the ceiling

Here, a perfect combination of a membrane and a Mirror. The new range of Barrisol® Mirror products gives the opportunity to add a particular touch of beauty to a decor. Light weight, installation on frames of different shapes, it is now possible to make very large mirror-ceilings without the constraint of weight.  Available in 5 […]

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Indoor pool decoration

  Why not enjoy a star sky year long? The Barrisol® stretch ceiling with fiber optics helps you realize a sumptuous decor to liven up your indoor pool.  For a moment of relaxation, this is a guaranteed choice. Easy to wash, acoustic and waterproof, this ceiling is perfect for spas and pools.

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Modular Light Frame

(Photo by Keith Slack/ Barrisol Atlantics) Being a specialist of stretch ceiling does not limit us to the installation of ceiling wall to wall. Barrisol® Canada manufactures custom modular structures. The ceilings with curves and 3D are easily achievable with the wide range of profiles. Among the latest profile ‘‘Frames and tubes 3D shape®’’ offers […]

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