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A Spotless Kitchen

For a refined and customized decor, the Barrisol® stretch ceiling will blow you away! With over 230 colors and 14 finishes, the creative possibilities are endless.  A new look just on time for the holidays. Customized delivery service with rapid and dust free installation.  Follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn!

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A “Sky full of stars” ceiling

The Barrisol® stretched lacquered ceiling with optic fiber allows to create a magnificent decor in an original way.  These stars will be mistaken for real ones by many. It’s possible to choose a color variation system to create different light atmospheres as desired. Contact your local Barrisol® distributor for a perfect ceiling.

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How to give a new look to your bathroom?

  For an out of the ordinary bathroom, the solution is obvious with the Barrisol® ceilings! For an original, customized decor, the Barrisol® stretch ceiling allows to create the atmosphere you’ve always wanted. The black lacquered ceiling makes the entire difference! Get out of the ordinary and impress your friends and family with your decor. […]

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A new look for ceilings

The cladding of the suspended ceiling panels allows to keep the original features of the panels and creates an atmosphere which does not leave indifferent. An ecological, economical and aesthetical renovation with this new Barrisol®  T-bar cladding system. With easy access, washable panels and a new decor, it’s a guaranteed choice. Made in Canada.

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