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Pool ceiling

Barrisol® stretch ceilings are ideal for installation in wet areas such as swimming pools and spas. In addition to being waterproof , the membranes provide an acoustic comfort , have a light weight and a durability proven by satisfied customers for over 45 years.   Visit our website for further references on pool ceilings.

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How to build a mural?

The arrangement of rectangles of different sizes with pink variations impresses. Be seduced at first sight. This is the result of a successful mural. The use of stretched Barrisol® membrane has  a perfect light diffusion. For information or creative ideas, do like the designers and contact the Barrisol® team in Canada.  

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Decor with fiber optics

The Barrisol® stretch ceiling fits perfectly with fiber optics. The long fibers draw the eye toward the ceiling and produce a night sky ambiance. Whether with a satin or lacquered membrane, the result will certainly refine your decor. To create a light atmosphere, contact us.  

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