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The light and layout of the decor

The decor of a room with Barrisol® translucent finish membranes allows to adapt the lighting to the environment. The light diffusion is equal and continues in curves and light vaults. The stretch ceiling allows to develop new forms in the architecture that is already in place. Barrisol® is the number one choice of designers and […]

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How to choose a reception hall?

Several factors influence your selection when booking a room and it is important not to neglect any detail for a successful reception. The fame of good reception rooms is based on several factors one of which is audible. It is important that the sound quality is at its best for a perfect evening. The Barrisol® […]

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A bright decor that changes the atmosphere!

Whether for a well lit room to work or for a moment of rest, the translucent Barrisol® stretch ceiling allows to change the light source according to the desired atmosphere. Why settle for a single atmosphere? Be part of our Facebook followers and discover beautiful creations.

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Do you know all the advantages of stretch ceilings?

Barrisol® constantly innovates and expands the acoustic performance of ceilings with its Acoustics® product range. Ask an acoustician to advise you and you’ll only have to choose the finish and color to arrange the decor to your liking. To choose your stretch ceiling, contact your dealer.  

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A sober decor

This Barrisol® stretch ceiling, satin finish, installed between beams keeps the original concept of the architecture of this house. A sober finish that suits all styles (contemporary, futuristic or classic). Visit our Virtual Catalog!

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