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Written By: Barrisol Canada

Barrisol Canada

BARRISOL is the most installed stretched ceiling in Canada

BARRISOL has been in Canada, with the same team, for more than 15 years.

BARRISOL Canada has shown that we have mastered the Art of Stretched Ceiling. Our Canadian reputation has been acquired by impressive projects and large scale realisations from Montreal to Vancouver passing by Toronto, Winnipeg and Calgary.

It is by having confidence in the BARRISOL team, that our customers discovered all of the advantages of BARRISOL ceilings.

BARRISOL is a synonym of quality and offers the best quality in Canada!

BARRISOL manufacturer is in constant innovation to present new products which are very welcome in all building applications (Residential, commercial,…).

Our longevity is a result of our product quality, experienced technicians and confirmed warranties!

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