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How to choose a reception hall?

Several factors influence your selection when booking a room and it is important not to neglect any detail for a successful reception. The fame of good reception rooms is based on several factors one of which is audible. It is important that the sound quality is at its best for a perfect evening. The Barrisol® […]

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The renovation of churches

The walls of the Monastery’s chapel in Lennoxville are made out of stretch ceiling which adds a cozy atmosphere and an impeccable suede finish. Barrisol ® marries the shape of walls and curved ceilings, which allows keeping the initial architecture. This is a fast, economical and sustainable way for renovation of these historical buildings.   […]

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Lunch area Lounge & Restaurant

A practical design, sober and welcoming. This stretched white lacquered ceiling maximizes light and optimizes space. To improve acoustic in public places, Barrisol® Acoustics® range of product turns out to be the ideal choice of material. Besides offering a remarkable visual effect, the ceiling provides balance in the process of improving the acoustics.

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Conference room

A ceiling which provides lighting, representation and acoustic performance! The light diffused by the translucent stretch ceiling provides an excellent lighting. The custom printing in the center of the membrane form different parts of the company’s history. It provides a dim light and gives a very personal aspect to this room for meetings. The acoustic […]

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An acoustic ceiling for the SFU !

Recognized for the quality of their education and their academic programs, the University Simon Fraser (SFU Library) in British Columbia opted for an acoustic solution in their student’s workplace. The large sails adorn the ceiling and provide a pleasant atmosphere. Barrisol’s white matte finish ensures the passage of time by always keeping the same contemporary […]

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A nice indoor swimming pool

The comfort of an indoor pool is closely related to design and ambiance. Barrisol ceilings are always the best for nice pools. Wide choice of colors … different shades of blue and white are very popular For a perfect look, lacquer finish is a safe choice Acoustic comfort is maximize with the range of Acoustics […]

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