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A “Decibel d’OR” for Barrisol® !

Over the years, Barrisol® continues to innovate in ceiling products.  Acoustic stretch ceiling is one part of its continuous improvements.  Recently, with its ”Light Acoustics® ” system, Barrisol® was awarded the ‘’Decibel d’OR’’ in the “acoustic materials” category. See following article : Un décibel d’or pour une toile lumineuse The picture above shows the Yorkdale […]

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The renovation of churches

The walls of the Monastery’s chapel in Lennoxville are made out of stretch ceiling which adds a cozy atmosphere and an impeccable suede finish. Barrisol ® marries the shape of walls and curved ceilings, which allows keeping the initial architecture. This is a fast, economical and sustainable way for renovation of these historical buildings.   […]

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The beauty of the decor

This installation by Artym proves that Barrisol ® beautifies the area. Imagine, furniture and the equipment are not finished and we can say that we already like these sets and they are beautiful. All of Canada is invaded by Barrisol ® wave and ceilings. To order yours, contact your distributor

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The organization of a conference room

The design of a conference room should combine all the elements to maximize its use. Removable doors allow to combine two spaces in a large meeting room and the optimization of the acoustic is performed with the Barrisol ® Acoustics ® stretched ceiling system. The white lacquered finish amplifies the brightness and it gives a […]

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A design and convenient ceiling

The design of the lobby ceiling is arranged with modular frames made with Barrisol® stretched ceiling membrane. The position of the frames with multiple forms has been meticulously selected to allow the insertion of a few lights and a sprinkler system. The ventilation and a line of spots are incorporated in the side impact. Barrisol® […]

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Decorating idea for an hallway!

A mirror on the back wall and a Barrisol ® stretched lacquered ceiling create an impression of infinity in this corridor. The reflection of lights is also increased by the ceiling, which allows good lighting of this place of passage. There are many opportunities for development and decorations with stretched ceilings. A realization : Plafonds tendus […]

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