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The light and layout of the decor

The decor of a room with Barrisol® translucent finish membranes allows to adapt the lighting to the environment. The light diffusion is equal and continues in curves and light vaults. The stretch ceiling allows to develop new forms in the architecture that is already in place. Barrisol® is the number one choice of designers and […]

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Moisson Beauce house…. To spread the joy!

Moisson Beauce, a charity organisation, is a food bank that sorts, processes and redistributes food and various hygiene products for people living with difficult socio-economical situations in the Chaudière-Appalaches region. In association with Les Constructions Robert Bernard, Signature Plan Design and Desjardins, the organisation annually sells draw tickets. The tickets are to help raise funds […]

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Ceilings for waiting rooms

How to change your waiting time into a nice moment?  The Barrisol® ceilings allow the creation of elegant and attractive designs! Combining the design to the walls and the floor is nice, but combining your design to the entire room is something else!  Give a final touch to your decor by personalizing your ceiling! The […]

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Shapes for every taste!

Here a positive pressured Barrisol® stretch ceiling.   This restaurant located in the suburbs of Montreal asked for a particular theme, a 20 feet long, half-egg with backlight.   A pioneering installation and a patented system that allows to create the most unusual forms.   Visit and enjoy the versatility as well as all the advantages of the Barrisol® stretch ceiling.

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Light for showrooms

With the Barrisol® light®, all the beauty of Ferrari’s vehicles is highlighted. The Barrisol® stretch ceiling is the ideal product for automotive dealership showrooms. They can demonstrate the quality of their products and create a natural daylight atmosphere. Let your imagination do the work, the possibilities are infinite with the stretch ceiling! Visit our Virtual […]

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The new 3D shapes

Put some life in your entire entourage! The new Barrisol® frame Profile allows you to turn structures into a work of art. Captivate everyone’s attention and get out of the ordinary. Imagination is the only limit. Let you be impressed with what we have to offer. Last November, at the Paris Batimat Expo, Barrisol was […]

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