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Barrisol® Mirror

A combination of the membrane and mirror characteristics, but with a light weight and large dimension.(Identical reflection)





Barrisol® layers concept

A new dimension for printed surfaces and a visual creation of deepness and movement available on walls or mural versions.


Barrisol® Lumière, lumière Color, Projection et jeux de lumière

A translucent Barrisol® membrane lit by a source of light that provides luminous ambiences.

Uniform light diffusion

Cadre Barrisol®

Multiple possibilities to create modular frames of all shapes.





Barrisol® Acoustic (A15, A20, A30, A40)

The acoustic ceiling from the Barrisol Acoutics® range is a nanoperforated membrane that absorbs sound and reduces bad sound effects.



Barrisol® les effets matières

Membranes that ‘’ mess with your eyes’’ for original decors.

New: Barrisol® effet Béton (Concrete effect)

Barrisol® Créadesign

Matter innovation finishes for the ceilings. This finish brings a new perception to the membrane. Personalization possibilities.


Barrisol Perfodesign®

The Perfodesign® allows the perforation of motifs or logos, an original way to publicise a room.



Barrisol® 3D shapes

The Barrisol® product’s advantage is the easy handling of the membrane and profiles.

A 3D realisation can easily be made either for wall-to-wall ceilings or in a modular structure.

Barrisol® Print you mind

The printed stretch ceiling allows us to reproduce all kinds of motifs, pictures or decors on a Barrisol® membrane.


Barrisol® Stand

A customized stand reflecting the business image. Easily assembled and dissembled. Multiple shapes. Easily transported and stocked.



Barrisol® Star

The aluminum profile from the Barrisol® range adds the possibility to create multiple forms. The profiles appearance is reduced and this system is very popular because it allows a freedom of creation.

Barrisol® Tradition

The traditional Barrisol® stretch ceiling renovates and decorates all kinds of rooms with a visible PVC profile. It is frequently used for indoor pool ceilings.

Barrisol® Recyclé

In an environmental care, Barrisol® has development the recycled stretched ceiling range made with old Barrisol® membranes.





Barrisol® Clean Room

The stretch ceiling for clean rooms is specifically adapted for rooms with the strictest hygiene criteria’s such as hospitals, medicine cabinets, laboratories or even alimentation industries.

Barrisol® Thermique

The stretch ceiling allows us to reduce the height of rooms in order to reduce the volume of air to heat. A thermic insulant can be installed on the top of the ceiling.

The Barrisol® stretch ceiling is a perfect complement for radiant heating because it allows an easy access to the radiant system and at the same time offers a beautiful finish.

Barrisol® peint

The Barrisol® stretch ceiling allows the personalization of a decor by artists.


Barrisol® Mural

The Barrisol® mural is used for large space for acoustic corrections or for the aesthetical look.


Barrisol® Signalectic

Allows the realization of panels in all dimensions to locate ourselves, identify ourselves and to present a specific place.





Barrisol® Trempo and Trempodesign

The Barrisol® Trempo is a unified or perforated membrane stretched by lacing and springs.

The stretch ceiling Trempodesign has the particularity of being used for decoration. This membrane can be printed.



Barrisol® Suspended Ceilings

Offered in 2 ways:

  • New panels (2’x2’ and 2’x4)
  • Panel (Tile) cladding that gives a second life to the old acoustic tiles.