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How to build a mural?

Written By: Barrisol Canada - Jun• 10•15


The arrangement of rectangles of different sizes with pink variations impresses. Be seduced at first sight. This is the result of a successful mural.

The use of stretched Barrisol® membrane has  a perfect light diffusion.

For information or creative ideas, do like the designers and contact the Barrisol® team in Canada.


Decor with fiber optics

Written By: Barrisol Canada - Jun• 06•15


The Barrisol® stretch ceiling fits perfectly with fiber optics. The long fibers draw the eye toward the ceiling and produce a night sky ambiance. Whether with a satin or lacquered membrane, the result will certainly refine your decor.

To create a light atmosphere, contact us.


Stretch ceiling in Saskatchewan

Written By: Barrisol Canada - May• 29•15

Ceiling_Saskatchewan_Barrisol(R)Congratulations to the entire DJD Interiors team who was very successful at the Spring Home Show 2015 presenting the Barrisol(R) stretch ceilings, the new t-bar cladding system and the Artolis® walls.

For information : DJD INTERIORS

Tel : (306) 526-3701

E-mail :


The Marble Wall

Written By: Barrisol Canada - May• 24•15


The lacquered stretched ceiling fits perfectly with marble. Either with a lacquered or a matte finish, the acoustic properties of the Barrisol® Acoustics® membranes reduce resonances and absorb sound. The result is a better sound.

There are 4 types of perforations in the Acoustics® range.

Additional information available on our website or contact us (800) 370-2949

A ceiling with a great value

Written By: Barrisol Canada - May• 16•15


The Barrisol® stretched ceiling offers peace of mind with his 10-year warranty, its durability and its stylish design. The product quality is always assured and the membranes are A+ certified on the indoor air quality.

Project by Mr. Keith Slack, Barrisol® Atlantic distributor ( TD Canada)

The light solution for your ceiling

Written By: Barrisol Canada - May• 09•15


For the light solution of your boutique, go for a sleek design with the Barrisol® translucent stretched ceilings. Nike knows how to offer a modern decor to their customers while putting their products in the foreground!


Barrisol® has a trusted network with over 1200 installers around the world, including many in Canada.


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