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Flexible Acoutic walls

Written By: Barrisol Canada - Apr• 28•15


The Artolis® walls offer new creation and design possibilities. No more long straight corridors. Considerable improvement in the acoustics of the place. Available in very large surfaces (up to 5m of width without welding or sewing) Resistant to shocks and impacts.

Large collection of photos for prints on wall or as desired.

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Color variations for the ceiling

Written By: Barrisol Canada - Apr• 22•15


Barrisol® stretch ceiling offers a vast variety of colours which allows to decorate restaurants, bars, casinos, theatres and stores.

The translucent finish advantages the use for LED lighting which completely transforms the atmosphere with a set programming.

Welcome your customers in a variety of colors!

Personalised decor

Written By: Barrisol Canada - Apr• 17•15


Lighting is one of the main aspects for a beautiful decor. The Barrisol® stretched ceiling creates the atmosphere wanted with its translucent finish. The beauty of the furniture and the room decor are definitely enhanced.

To refine the look of the living room, the kitchen, the bathroom or a bedroom, entrust your project to Barrisol® specialists because beauty starts with the ceiling!

A ceiling like the sky!

Written By: Barrisol Canada - Apr• 08•15


What could possibly be better than a spa under a blue sky to relax!

The Barrisol® stretched ceiling allows to create decors with a realistic aspect due to the printed translucent membrane.  The waterproof advantage and the acoustic properties also make this membrane the number one choice for any large surface such as indoor pools.

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More than a luminous ceiling!

Written By: Barrisol Canada - Apr• 02•15


The Barrisol® stretched ceilings combine acoustics, luminosity, beauty and ecology in a single membrane! This purified and modern decor will surprise you.

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The 2015 Expo Habitat

Written By: Barrisol Canada - Mar• 26•15

Harfang_construction_Barrisol®Here is a photo of a bathroom created by Harfang Construction during the Expo Habitat. The Barrisol® stretched ceiling was installed by Decor Acoustique. Congratulations & thank you to everyone!

Interactive tool to compare different colours and finishes is available on Barrisol®’s website :  ‘’Colour Simulator’’.