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Luminous Ribbon Design

Everything to get your visitors attention! This unique theatre shows you another design option with the translucent stretch ceilings and the DEL lights. The designers have the expertise to find beautiful creations and the Barrisol® teams have the expertise to realise them. Find your design with our large range of products! For information, visit

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The 3D ceilings with Barrisol®

A unique 3D ceiling combining both the practical and the aesthetical aspect! Allowing an amazing light, the Barrisol® stretch ceilings also offer many advantages such as acoustics, design, easy maintenance, fast installation and a very large range of 230 colors and 15 finishes. The possibilities are infinite! For more information about our products, consult our […]

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The new 3D shapes

Put some life in your entire entourage! The new Barrisol® frame Profile allows you to turn structures into a work of art. Captivate everyone’s attention and get out of the ordinary. Imagination is the only limit. Let you be impressed with what we have to offer. Last November, at the Paris Batimat Expo, Barrisol was […]

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Upcoming interior designers

Last march, all second-year students that were enrolled in interior design at Cegep Garneau assisted at a special presentation dealing with all the advantages of all the product that Barrisol has to offer, like stretched ceiling, Artolis wall system and Acoustics. We are fortunate to have such a successful upcoming interior designers. Future projects that […]

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The stretch ceiling at Contech Montreal

Barrisol Canada renews its participation at the 29th edition of “CONTECH” to be held at the Palais des congrès in Montreal on November 7 from 9:00 to 6:00 p.m. This year, among the innovations • Frames & tubes 3D shape • The ‘’Effets Matières’’ • The concrete as light as a leaf with the new […]

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Thematic of the decor

A one of a kind ceiling! The wall and ceiling blend perfectly here due to the layout and the continuity of their forms. This decor creates an illusion of either 3D or a set of lights and shapes. The Barrisol® stretched ceiling system offers a great flexibility and many possibilities which allows creation and innovation […]

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