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A “Decibel d’OR” for Barrisol® !

Over the years, Barrisol® continues to innovate in ceiling products.  Acoustic stretch ceiling is one part of its continuous improvements.  Recently, with its ”Light Acoustics® ” system, Barrisol® was awarded the ‘’Decibel d’OR’’ in the “acoustic materials” category. See following article : Un décibel d’or pour une toile lumineuse The picture above shows the Yorkdale […]

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A unique auditorium

This unique design is composed of thirteen ribbons starting at the back of the auditorium and up to the public. The architects prioritized the Barrisol stretch ceiling system because of its versatility, durability and acoustic performance. In order to achieve this major project, 130 custom made modular frames were necessary. The translucent finish was preferred […]

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21st International Congress on Acoustics

Barrisol® will participate at the 21st International Congress on Acoustics ICA that will take place at the Palais de Congrès in Montreal from june 2nd to june 7th 2013. The Acoustics line of Barrisol® stretch ceiling has four different types of nano-holes and provides outstanding acoustics. The sound is absorbed and the reverberation nuisances are […]

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Strech Ceiling over imagination

The Barrisol products give the opportunity to the architects and designers to fulfill their imagination with impressive and remarkable projects. The printed stretch ceiling reproduces perfectly a sea surface of a seabed and the visitors are impressed by the place. The lighting of the translucent stretch ceiling is very important for this project, it is […]

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Acoustic Ceiling

The Barrisol stretch ceiling provides perfection and elegance as well as an acoustic comfort in rooms where relaxation is primary.  The range of Acoustics® answers the requirements and needs in different type of buildings.    Our experts will know how to guide you in your choice of 230 colors and 15 finishes.

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Indoor Swimming Pools

Barrisol is ideal for residential, public or even Olympic indoor swimming pools. The acoustic properties and aesthetics of Barrisol stretched ceilings offer the ultimate solution for the comfort of the swimmers and spectators. For an even better acoustic performance Barrisol Acoustics® can be used with insulating materials. Our clients opt for a product that’s durable, […]

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