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Perfect design! Perfect ceiling!

As always, we must say, design is very important even essential. In order to create an atmosphere that offers beauty and improves the visiting quality of the customers at the Calgary Holt Renfrew Store (a surface of 151.000 sq. ft.), the designers chose Barrisol stretched ceilings for the aesthetic, functional and technical properties. Barrisol translucent […]

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Browns Shoes Calgary

At the end of 2010, BARRISOL CANADA completed the project Browns Shoes at the Chinook Shopping Centre in Calgary. This new concept using stretch ceiling, from the Browns team itself, was to get a high gloss centre piece into the store to reflect the crystal light fixture. So, the BARRISOL lacquered finish was the ideal finish […]

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BARRISOL is proud to be a part of the décor in various Honda Dealers showrooms. The stretch ceilings in a lacquered finish, create a fascinating reflection of the vehicles on display. Thanks to the numerous colors BARRISOL is available in, the possibilities are infinite. Honda chose the new Rouge Grenat, in a lacquered finish, in […]

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The Stretch Ceiling

The Barrisol Universe For 40 years Normalu Barrisol has provided its customers with innovative interior design solutions. In this pursuit, we have always balanced our products’ advanced technology with its aesthetic beauty. With a network of 1,200 partners’ world wide, help with designing, pricing and installing your next Normalu Barrisol project is never far away. […]

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