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Flexible Acoutic walls

The Artolis® walls offer new creation and design possibilities. No more long straight corridors. Considerable improvement in the acoustics of the place. Available in very large surfaces (up to 5m of width without welding or sewing) Resistant to shocks and impacts. Large collection of photos for prints on wall or as desired. For information, contact […]

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Ceilings that make you dream!

Under the island sun no matter what season! This is a welcoming entrance hall with a decor that makes you dream. The printed Barrisol® translucent ceiling and the Artolis® wall can produce a harmonious atmosphere. Contact a decorator, a designer or a Barrisol® professional to help you choose your new design. Follow us on Facebook and […]

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Printing on Waterproof Membrane

                  Whether for a lobby or above an indoor pool, the water repellent translucent Barrisol membrane beautifies and animates the decoration of the ceilings and walls. The perfect print of the Barrisol membrane procures a reality sensation. The imagination of the creator is served to the point.

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Glossy stretched ceiling

The owner of the ” La_Chambre_Noire – NightClub” in St-Georges (Quebec) required a 30’s environment for its lcal bar. Softly and with elegance, the magnificent stretch_ ceiling Barrisol responded entirely to the customer requirements. In addition, the mirror effect gives a spectacular dimension to the customized decor. Le propriétaire du bar « La Chambre Noire NightClub » situé à St-Georges de […]

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Universal and Original!

The results you can achieve using the Barrisol membrane, are endless. Here we have created another magnificent effect. Using the membrane from our line of translucents, the designer installed the ceiling around the tree trunks and after went in and put coloured plastic film in the shape of leaves to add an autumn ambiance.  The […]

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Astral Média

The Anjou area of Montréal is where you can find this fabulous installation of Barrisol. Here the green lacquered finish was delicately chosen, giving height and reflecting the attractively designed sofa. The area of this installation is not entirely occupied by the membrane, here you can see a contour a few inches wide where the […]

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