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A ceiling with a great value

The Barrisol® stretched ceiling offers peace of mind with his 10-year warranty, its durability and its stylish design. The product quality is always assured and the membranes are A+ certified on the indoor air quality. Project by Mr. Keith Slack, Barrisol® Atlantic distributor ( TD Canada)

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Color variations for the ceiling

Barrisol® stretch ceiling offers a vast variety of colours which allows to decorate restaurants, bars, casinos, theatres and stores. The translucent finish advantages the use for LED lighting which completely transforms the atmosphere with a set programming. Welcome your customers in a variety of colors!

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Moisson Beauce house…. To spread the joy!

Moisson Beauce, a charity organisation, is a food bank that sorts, processes and redistributes food and various hygiene products for people living with difficult socio-economical situations in the Chaudière-Appalaches region. In association with Les Constructions Robert Bernard, Signature Plan Design and Desjardins, the organisation annually sells draw tickets. The tickets are to help raise funds […]

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Luminous Ribbon Design

Everything to get your visitors attention! This unique theatre shows you another design option with the translucent stretch ceilings and the DEL lights. The designers have the expertise to find beautiful creations and the Barrisol® teams have the expertise to realise them. Find your design with our large range of products! For information, visit

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Ceilings that make you dream!

Under the island sun no matter what season! This is a welcoming entrance hall with a decor that makes you dream. The printed Barrisol® translucent ceiling and the Artolis® wall can produce a harmonious atmosphere. Contact a decorator, a designer or a Barrisol® professional to help you choose your new design. Follow us on Facebook and […]

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Shapes for every taste!

Here a positive pressured Barrisol® stretch ceiling.   This restaurant located in the suburbs of Montreal asked for a particular theme, a 20 feet long, half-egg with backlight.   A pioneering installation and a patented system that allows to create the most unusual forms.   Visit and enjoy the versatility as well as all the advantages of the Barrisol® stretch ceiling.

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