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New mirror for the ceiling

Here, a perfect combination of a membrane and a Mirror. The new range of Barrisol® Mirror products gives the opportunity to add a particular touch of beauty to a decor. Light weight, installation on frames of different shapes, it is now possible to make very large mirror-ceilings without the constraint of weight.  Available in 5 […]

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A design and convenient ceiling

The design of the lobby ceiling is arranged with modular frames made with Barrisol® stretched ceiling membrane. The position of the frames with multiple forms has been meticulously selected to allow the insertion of a few lights and a sprinkler system. The ventilation and a line of spots are incorporated in the side impact. Barrisol® […]

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A unique auditorium

This unique design is composed of thirteen ribbons starting at the back of the auditorium and up to the public. The architects prioritized the Barrisol stretch ceiling system because of its versatility, durability and acoustic performance. In order to achieve this major project, 130 custom made modular frames were necessary. The translucent finish was preferred […]

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Card game in a Casino

The Barrisol products are all designed to embellish the ceiling of the casino. The designer has opted for huge playing cards printed stretch ceiling to create a gaming room theme. The acoustic of the place is also improved and the layout of the frames allows access to the different parts of the ceiling. (Ventilation, sprinklers, lighting, […]

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Light boxes with LED lighting and Stretch ceilings

Barrisol offers light boxes with LED lighting. These can be installed at the back of a the translucent stretch ceiling and will provide a homogeneous diffusion of the light into the frame, made of aluminum. Customization of the ceiling, with printing, offers a lot of options; either as advertising or signage. Different models are available: scealed, hinged panel to access lighting, double-layers, with printing, various shapes, different finishes, etc.. Colours changing with LED can […]

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A major project in Montreal

Barrisol-Canada created a new concept of stretch ceiling frames for the Palais des Congres of Montreal, a system of opening light panels with stretched translucent Barrisol sheets. This new concept gives easy access to the fluorescent lamps and facilitates maintenance. (see picture below) Finished in 2001, the Palais des Congres of Montreal is still to […]

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