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Ceiling and wall design idea

Wood becomes very light when using Barrisol’s ceiling membrane and Artolis’s wall application (20g/ m2 when printed on). Technical textiles as well as stretch ceiling offer an acoustic comfort while allowing a great freedom for a creative mind.  Discover what’s new on

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A bright decor that changes the atmosphere!

Whether for a well lit room to work or for a moment of rest, the translucent Barrisol® stretch ceiling allows to change the light source according to the desired atmosphere. Why settle for a single atmosphere? Be part of our Facebook followers and discover beautiful creations.

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Do you know all the advantages of stretch ceilings?

Barrisol® constantly innovates and expands the acoustic performance of ceilings with its Acoustics® product range. Ask an acoustician to advise you and you’ll only have to choose the finish and color to arrange the decor to your liking. To choose your stretch ceiling, contact your dealer.  

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A ceiling with a great value

The Barrisol® stretched ceiling offers peace of mind with his 10-year warranty, its durability and its stylish design. The product quality is always assured and the membranes are A+ certified on the indoor air quality. Project by Mr. Keith Slack, Barrisol® Atlantic distributor ( TD Canada)

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Flexible Acoutic walls

The Artolis® walls offer new creation and design possibilities. No more long straight corridors. Considerable improvement in the acoustics of the place. Available in very large surfaces (up to 5m of width without welding or sewing) Resistant to shocks and impacts. Large collection of photos for prints on wall or as desired. For information, contact […]

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A dream ceiling for everyone!

Thanks to Barrisol®, your dream ceiling will come true. The translucent ceiling with prints allows to create enchanting decors while illuminating. The architects don’t hesitate to choose the “Acoustics” translucent membranes since all of the advantages are combined in the same product. Follow our Facebook page that has a lot of photos that will make […]

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