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Moisson Beauce house…. To spread the joy!

Moisson Beauce, a charity organisation, is a food bank that sorts, processes and redistributes food and various hygiene products for people living with difficult socio-economical situations in the Chaudière-Appalaches region. In association with Les Constructions Robert Bernard, Signature Plan Design and Desjardins, the organisation annually sells draw tickets. The tickets are to help raise funds […]

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A multipurpose ceiling

The Barrisol ® stretched ceiling is multipurpose. In addition to increasing the ceiling of this service islet, Startbucks Café advertises with a printed membrane mounted above the kiosk. Aesthetic and practical, this label concept is increasingly used because it can transform a coating in an advertising space.

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Exhibition Stand

The goal of every company that participates in commercial exhibitions is to showcase their products and innovations. For a remarkable stand that draws the attention of the visitors, Barrisol stretch ceiling addresses the needs of stand designers and thematic event organizers. It is impossible to pass next to this stand with its multifaceted curves without […]

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Volkswagen Pavilion Structure with 3D Stretch Ceiling

Central to this Volkswagen showroom, the spiral shaped structure of 16 m high and 35 m long was made in order to provide a multimedia source. Some lighting effects and video productions animates the structure dressed with Barrisol.

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Universal and Original!

The results you can achieve using the Barrisol membrane, are endless. Here we have created another magnificent effect. Using the membrane from our line of translucents, the designer installed the ceiling around the tree trunks and after went in and put coloured plastic film in the shape of leaves to add an autumn ambiance.  The […]

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Ferrari Car dealerships

Ferrari car dealerships have a prestigious and universal reputation and we are proud to illuminate their high quality cars in many Ferrari dealerships in Canada, with the BARRISOL stretch ceiling system. The first one in Canada was done in Vancouver a few months ago – photo on the right side. Realised by TENDU Stretch Ceiling […]

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