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Show your colors!

Looking for an original and durable way to display your company logo on your walls? Think Artolis® by Barrisol®. This new wall covering system is the perfect solution to enhance your brand image. It is possible to create a printed seamless mural with a width up to 5 meters and a length of 50 meters. […]

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Change your decor in a flash!

Barrisol® offers different designs for every taste! This is an inviting and relaxing decor created by the arrangement of the Barrisol® stretched membranes and LED! The translucent ceiling diffuses the light and the colors uniformly. Contact the experts !

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A combination of tradition and innovation

In order to make this room unique the architects opted for Barrisol stretch ceiling. The centerpiece is made from printed translucent membrane. It is backlit with a LED system that allows the light adjustment of the room very easily. To add a touch of sparkle to the room, alcoves surround the light ceiling. The lacquered […]

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A column transformation

A good way to hide a structural column is to dress it with a Barrisol® stretch membrane and by choosing a translucent finish it’s possible to incorporate some  lighting. Whether it is with fluorescent tubes for a constant light or with LED  lighting to create different effects the result is spectacular in every decor

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Backlit Wall

Barrisol translucent finish offers many possibilities. Installed as a backlit wall, painted or printed, it allows a personalized decoration. Among translucent finishes some have a matte, satin and even lacquered finish. The most frequently used lighting system, are LED, T5 or T8 for this result. This is a great decoration idea witch can be use […]

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Illuminated Ceilings for LE PREBEN Restaurant

Owners of Le Preben desired a new look for their restaurant.  On the menu, exceptional lit ceilings. We used the advantages of the Barrisol stretch ceilings for the creation of the forms and the translucent characteristics of the material.   An animated lighting decorates the ambiance of this good table. Find your Barrisol distributor.

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