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The light and layout of the decor

The decor of a room with Barrisol® translucent finish membranes allows to adapt the lighting to the environment. The light diffusion is equal and continues in curves and light vaults. The stretch ceiling allows to develop new forms in the architecture that is already in place. Barrisol® is the number one choice of designers and […]

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The light solution for your ceiling

For the light solution of your boutique, go for a sleek design with the Barrisol® translucent stretched ceilings. Nike knows how to offer a modern decor to their customers while putting their products in the foreground!   Barrisol® has a trusted network with over 1200 installers around the world, including many in Canada.   Visit […]

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Personalised decor

Lighting is one of the main aspects for a beautiful decor. The Barrisol® stretched ceiling creates the atmosphere wanted with its translucent finish. The beauty of the furniture and the room decor are definitely enhanced. To refine the look of the living room, the kitchen, the bathroom or a bedroom, entrust your project to Barrisol® […]

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Indoor pool decoration

  Why not enjoy a star sky year long? The Barrisol® stretch ceiling with fiber optics helps you realize a sumptuous decor to liven up your indoor pool.  For a moment of relaxation, this is a guaranteed choice. Easy to wash, acoustic and waterproof, this ceiling is perfect for spas and pools.

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Decorating idea for an hallway!

A mirror on the back wall and a Barrisol ® stretched lacquered ceiling create an impression of infinity in this corridor. The reflection of lights is also increased by the ceiling, which allows good lighting of this place of passage. There are many opportunities for development and decorations with stretched ceilings. A realization : Plafonds tendus […]

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Thematic of the decor

A one of a kind ceiling! The wall and ceiling blend perfectly here due to the layout and the continuity of their forms. This decor creates an illusion of either 3D or a set of lights and shapes. The Barrisol® stretched ceiling system offers a great flexibility and many possibilities which allows creation and innovation […]

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