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Lunch area Lounge & Restaurant

A practical design, sober and welcoming. This stretched white lacquered ceiling maximizes light and optimizes space. To improve acoustic in public places, Barrisol® Acoustics® range of product turns out to be the ideal choice of material. Besides offering a remarkable visual effect, the ceiling provides balance in the process of improving the acoustics.

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A successful congress

A week ago, Barrisol® Canada presented at the International Congress on Acoustics (ICA) the new membrane Nanoperf A15 which is added to the Acoustics® range of stretch ceilings. During the show, an acoustic box fabricated to allow was the acoustician’s visitors to hear the difference.  Available in a width of 214 cm, this new membrane […]

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21st International Congress on Acoustics

Barrisol® will participate at the 21st International Congress on Acoustics ICA that will take place at the Palais de Congrès in Montreal from june 2nd to june 7th 2013. The Acoustics line of Barrisol® stretch ceiling has four different types of nano-holes and provides outstanding acoustics. The sound is absorbed and the reverberation nuisances are […]

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Conference room

A ceiling which provides lighting, representation and acoustic performance! The light diffused by the translucent stretch ceiling provides an excellent lighting. The custom printing in the center of the membrane form different parts of the company’s history. It provides a dim light and gives a very personal aspect to this room for meetings. The acoustic […]

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BARRISOL – IIDEX Toronto Fall Exhibition

Barrisol Canada team was in Toronto for the Fall edition of IIDEX NEOCON exhibition. We were proud to present to our customers, architects and designers the 2010-2011 innovations! Including: new concepts, new finishes (CreaDesign, PerfoDesign, Effets Matière, etc), new colours and more… We hope to have the chance to meet you next year at the […]

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Acoustic ceiling

Barrisol Acoustics proposes microperforated sheets to absorb the sounds and to reduce noise pollution in public or private spaces. These sheets limit the effect of reverberation for a better intelligibility and sound comfort. This is a new concept of stretch ceilings to improve acoustics! – More details See Barrisol Realizations with this product A10 Microperf® […]

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