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A ceiling like the sky!

What could possibly be better than a spa under a blue sky to relax! The Barrisol® stretched ceiling allows to create decors with a realistic aspect due to the printed translucent membrane.  The waterproof advantage and the acoustic properties also make this membrane the number one choice for any large surface such as indoor pools. […]

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A ceiling for your pool!

Rediscover your indoor pool with the Barrisol® stretch ceilings! This is a majestic decor transformation for an indoor pool under the effect of a black lacquered stretched ceiling intertwined with multiform translucent ribbons for the light effect. For a brand new breathtaking decor, do not hesitate to contact the Barrisol® distributors in your region!

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An adapted ceiling for swimming pools

  The possibilities of creation are infinite with the large Barrisol® variety of profiles and membranes. Light weight and waterproof, the membranes are easy to clean making them perfect for any size indoor pool. There is a Barrisol® ceiling for every style! For more information: Virtual Catalogue Facebook LinkedIn  

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Swimming pools, paddling pools and spas!

What’s better to refresh yourself and take an opportunity to relax than a pool? For the indoor pools, all the elements of the building are important which is why architects recommend Barrisol. In addition to embellish the place, it improves the acoustic and the membrane resist to moisture so it’s the ideal product. This project […]

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How to give a new look to your bathroom

You want to know how to visually expand the space in a small bathroom? Here is the solution. Decorators recommend Barrisol stretched ceilings and more specifically the lacquered finish because it enhances the ambience and visually multiply’s the space. This highly popular stretched ceiling finish amplifies the brightness of the room and improves the decor. […]

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A nice indoor swimming pool

The comfort of an indoor pool is closely related to design and ambiance. Barrisol ceilings are always the best for nice pools. Wide choice of colors … different shades of blue and white are very popular For a perfect look, lacquer finish is a safe choice Acoustic comfort is maximize with the range of Acoustics […]

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