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A dream ceiling for everyone!

Thanks to Barrisol®, your dream ceiling will come true. The translucent ceiling with prints allows to create enchanting decors while illuminating. The architects don’t hesitate to choose the “Acoustics” translucent membranes since all of the advantages are combined in the same product. Follow our Facebook page that has a lot of photos that will make […]

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A multipurpose ceiling

The Barrisol ® stretched ceiling is multipurpose. In addition to increasing the ceiling of this service islet, Startbucks Café advertises with a printed membrane mounted above the kiosk. Aesthetic and practical, this label concept is increasingly used because it can transform a coating in an advertising space.

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A combination of tradition and innovation

In order to make this room unique the architects opted for Barrisol stretch ceiling. The centerpiece is made from printed translucent membrane. It is backlit with a LED system that allows the light adjustment of the room very easily. To add a touch of sparkle to the room, alcoves surround the light ceiling. The lacquered […]

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What’s new at the museum?

In order to honor the Polish astronomer, his hometown has opened the doors of a museum dedicated to his work. What better way to add to the beauty of this room than a printed stretch ceiling. The Barrisol translucent finish allows to backlight this picture inspired by a chart. With a library of about a […]

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Card game in a Casino

The Barrisol products are all designed to embellish the ceiling of the casino. The designer has opted for huge playing cards printed stretch ceiling to create a gaming room theme. The acoustic of the place is also improved and the layout of the frames allows access to the different parts of the ceiling. (Ventilation, sprinklers, lighting, […]

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Conference room

A ceiling which provides lighting, representation and acoustic performance! The light diffused by the translucent stretch ceiling provides an excellent lighting. The custom printing in the center of the membrane form different parts of the company’s history. It provides a dim light and gives a very personal aspect to this room for meetings. The acoustic […]

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