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Strech Ceiling over imagination

The Barrisol products give the opportunity to the architects and designers to fulfill their imagination with impressive and remarkable projects. The printed stretch ceiling reproduces perfectly a sea surface of a seabed and the visitors are impressed by the place. The lighting of the translucent stretch ceiling is very important for this project, it is […]

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Water effect with Barrisol stretch ceilings

Barrisol Canada presents a short video of the Lido Sales Centre ceiling that “Tendu Stretch Ceiling Group” located in Vancouver. Creation and realization by “BYU DESIGN” in collaboration with “BOSA PROPERTIES“. Installation by the Barrisol specialist in British Columbia “Tendu Stretch Ceiling Group”. The stretch ceiling offers a multitude of possibilities: this ceiling effect under […]

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Crealab Installation

Barrisol demonstrates in this interesting project that any application is possible, in this case a round window that protrudes to the outside surroundings. A diverse application which could also be used for diffusers. The outcome is remarkable!

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Cutting Edge

Barrisol continues to discover new ways to adapt to your boldest projects. This video presents a round ceiling, fit above a moving scene which is projected on the membrane, the ceiling is then expanded with a positve pressure. The matte finish, in grey allows a flawless projection. This kind of project is usually created with […]

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