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New mirror for the ceiling

Here, a perfect combination of a membrane and a Mirror. The new range of Barrisol® Mirror products gives the opportunity to add a particular touch of beauty to a decor. Light weight, installation on frames of different shapes, it is now possible to make very large mirror-ceilings without the constraint of weight.  Available in 5 […]

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How to give a new look to your bathroom

You want to know how to visually expand the space in a small bathroom? Here is the solution. Decorators recommend Barrisol stretched ceilings and more specifically the lacquered finish because it enhances the ambience and visually multiply’s the space. This highly popular stretched ceiling finish amplifies the brightness of the room and improves the decor. […]

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An idea for a ceiling makeover!

Following the recommendations of our distributor, the reception desk of this clinic in Alma completely changed its look with the renovation of their ceiling. Ceiling makeover is trendy those days and with BARRISOL it is even better and easier with more than 230 colours and 14 finishes. The stretch ceiling system completely hides the old […]

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A metallic gold ceiling!

This room invites you to relax because of its harmony tones and colors. Barrisol stretch ceiling metallic finish adds a touch of luxury with its partial light reflection and is an excellent arrangement element to the decor. A decoration idea for the ceiling! Barrisol stretch ceiling is safe and classified according to the ULC standards. […]

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Skylights – Spa Scandinaves Montreal city

Barrisol is the ceiling of choice for new designs and renovations. Greatly appreciated for relaxing places such as the Spa Scandinave located in the Old Port of Montreal. Architects specified the installation of skylights using a translucent stretch ceiling to bring light into the room. This relaxing room gives the impression that the natural daylight is present at all […]

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