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A bright decor that changes the atmosphere!

Whether for a well lit room to work or for a moment of rest, the translucent Barrisol® stretch ceiling allows to change the light source according to the desired atmosphere. Why settle for a single atmosphere? Be part of our Facebook followers and discover beautiful creations.

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The light solution for your ceiling

For the light solution of your boutique, go for a sleek design with the Barrisol® translucent stretched ceilings. Nike knows how to offer a modern decor to their customers while putting their products in the foreground!   Barrisol® has a trusted network with over 1200 installers around the world, including many in Canada.   Visit […]

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Luminous Ribbon Design

Everything to get your visitors attention! This unique theatre shows you another design option with the translucent stretch ceilings and the DEL lights. The designers have the expertise to find beautiful creations and the Barrisol® teams have the expertise to realise them. Find your design with our large range of products! For information, visit

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Personalized reunion room

Why not gather your team in a reunion room that represents your business? Offering an acoustic solution for the entire room, the barrisol® ceilings also allow to create a unique design. Here’s a beautiful example of a translucent and lacquered ceiling with the insertion of optic fiber. It’s now your turn to find the decor […]

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A Lighting design

For a perfect light and a design look, this food court is headed by a structure made of Barrisol ® stretch ceiling. The light weight of the canvas, easy maintenance and fast installation are some of the selection criteria’s. The translucent finish allows a perfect luminosity for a natural light. The designers have chosen to camouflage […]

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Light for showrooms

With the Barrisol® light®, all the beauty of Ferrari’s vehicles is highlighted. The Barrisol® stretch ceiling is the ideal product for automotive dealership showrooms. They can demonstrate the quality of their products and create a natural daylight atmosphere. Let your imagination do the work, the possibilities are infinite with the stretch ceiling! Visit our Virtual […]

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