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Design with ceilings

A waved ceiling for the seafood section! The white and blue laquered colors mingle and evoke the ocean. Designers are pleased to use the Barrisol® stretched ceiling with all it’s possibilities to create beautiful decors in all circumstances. Need decoration ideas? Consult the photos/videos/360 of our website to see all kinds of nice achievements. You […]

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Stretch Ceiling for office design

Why choose the stretch ceiling? Essor Insurance has chosen Barrisol stretch ceilings because they are aware of the quality and durability of our product. In this open space office, the application of the white matte finished stretch ceiling installed in alternating waves, give a spectacular visual effect and the employees appreciate the acoustic properties that […]

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A ceiling with seductive forms

The owner of the Victoriaville based “Resto Bar L’Evasion” opted for a warm and comfortable ambiance which was achieved by fusionning colors and forms. The Barrisol stretched ceiling proposes seductive curves that are absolutely spectacular. This ceiling makes the “Resto Bar L’Evasion” really stand out and is definitely worth the look.

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Translucent waves in the Air Canada Centre

Recently, one of our Toronto installers made those nice and wavy BARRISOL ceilings. It gives movement to the Bar area, where many Air Canada customers like to spend their time. This project has been done with a translucent finish, Planète Bleue (#04072) colour which is a blue coloured translucent membrane. As it is a public […]

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